Wisdom Project 2030

Gainesville – Hall County embraces a culture of learning throughout life.  This culture encourages educational and development opportunities for our youth, adult and senior residents.   

Wisdom Project 2030, formerly Wisdom Keepers/Wisdom Project, incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2020.  

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The eight full-day sessions (including lunch) build a dynamic view of Gainesville and Hall County. You will hear from community leaders about their efforts to make our community a great place to live and work. As the Program develops, you can discover opportunities to apply your skills to improve our community.

Our Vision

The Wisdom Project Program began as a Vision 2030 initiative, developed and presented by the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce and Brenau University’s Center for Lifetime Study. Recently, Wisdom Project 2030 has become an independent organization preparing individuals age 55 and wiser to use their wisdom and talents in creative ways through action and advocacy.

Through a series of eight all-day sessions and interaction with like-minded individuals from throughout the community, Wisdom Project Program participants experience a dynamic, multi-faceted view of Gainesville and Hall County, explore local issues and opportunities, and engage with community leaders.

Wisdom Project Program participants should be adults age 55 and older who have volunteer or leadership experience. Graduates of the program become members of the Wisdom Keepers of Wisdom Project 2030, which encourages and oversees Wisdom Keeper advocacy projects; plans and assists the annual Wisdom Project program; and continues to educate and involve Wisdom Keepers about Hall County and Gainesville.

The Wisdom Project has been recognized in national and state publications for its innovation and benefit to the Hall County community:

Past accomplishments, with over 5,000 Wisdom Keepers’ volunteer hours, include: 

Wisdom Project 2030

Wisdom Project


Amy Youngblood, Wisdom Project 2030
Carol Hanlon, Wisdom Project 2030 

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