Education Consortium

By encouraging educational and development opportunities, the Education Consortium supports the Workforce Development efforts in our community. 

As a new initiative, the Education Consortium will implement the first Vision 2030 and Greater Hall Chamber’s 7th Grade Career Path Fair, hosted by the University of North Georgia, in March 2018. 

Middle school students, from the city and county public schools, choose their career path in the 8th Grade. In an effort to peak interest in students, before their decision, this fair will highlight the visual process and job opportunities in different businesses within the county. 

Our Vision

Gainesville- Hall County embraces a culture of learning throughout life. This culture encourages educational and development opportunities for our youth, adult and senior residents. All students have taken some class from a post-secondary institution.  There are formal and informal education programs for adult and senior in our higher education institutions.  Educational opportunities include career advancement/ development and life style enrichment.

The Education Consortium primarily supports the Workforce Development efforts for Gainesville and Hall County. 

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Education Consortium


Bill Hall, Chair
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