Gainesville, Hall County, GA
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Public Art

The BIG Idea: Gainesville- Hall County is an Art Mecca

There are unique public art districts across Gainesville- Hall County.  This includes Downtown Gainesville for performing and visual arts, Lake Lanier for music, Chicopee Woods for outdoor art and Gillsville/ Lula for cultural arts, folk art and pottery.  Gainesville- Hall County has a multitude of venues to support performing arts including outdoor amphitheaters.  There is a commitment to build on the region's love of all forms of art, and there is public art displayed in accessible and visual areas across our community.

Chair: Frank Norton

The Public Art Committee is fulfilling their commitment to build on the region's love of art and have public art displayed in accessible and visual areas across our community! 

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The Public Art Committee is working with the City of Gainesville to fulfill a grant for transportation art through the Gainesville Connection.  Concentrating on current Gainesville Connection Bus Stops and new Bicycle Racks, currently 10 or the 12 bus stops have been installed. 
For more information on current artist opportunities such as the Free Range Art Project, and the new "GOGOArt!" project, please see the Quinlan website at

The Gainesville-Hall County free public art tour provides the opportunity to view a selection of over 30 works of art in a variety of media. We invite you to take more than just a tour of our public art, we invite you to explore the history and soul of our community.

The Free Range Art Project promotes art within the community through the creation of large scale (8'x8') works of art installed in the public sphere throughout the City of Gainesville and Hall County.

Four (4) pieces from the 2015 Free Range Art Project have been installed in the Downtown and Midtown District of Gainesville.
 The first piece, “Two Bad Llamas” was reproduced from a tin mosaic by artist Mary Frances Hull, contributed by a private donor and hung on Hunt Tower in Downtown Gainesville. On the exterior walls of both venues, Grove Street Station has the piece "Revolutionary Halo" by Frances Byrd, with two pieces on Fire Station #1 on Pine Street showcasing "Golden Rain" by Ann Alexander and "Paroxysm" by Zoe Head. The final two pieces will be installed soon and include, "The Adventure Begins" by Clayton Santiago and "Wauka Mountain High" by Sharon Farkas.



The 2016 Free Range Art selections have just been announced for the following artists:
. Paul Dunlap "Two Llamas" photograph
. Fox Gradin "Real Life Dogs Playing Poker" photograph
. Roxanne Hollosi "Echoes VI" mixed media collage
. Mary Frances Hull "Snail Giant" painting
. The Youth Art Month "Quinlan Award" Winner Trevor Ballard, "Peace" acrylic on canvas, 12th Grade, Riverside Military Academy.
The new selections will be placed temporarily at the Lake Lanier Olympic Park for the 2016 Pan American Championships this May (with the youth entry "Peace" to be housed there permanently). The park will serve as host site for the championships which are the Continental Olympic Qualifier for the Americas for the upcoming Olympics in Rio. The works will then be placed at their final destinations (to be determined) in the Gainesville/Hall County area.

The Vision 2030 Public Art Committee is committed to enhancing the quality of life for our community. Our initiatives depend upon grants, private donations, community support and corporate donations to conserve, preserve and make available public art to citizens and visitors in Hall County. The Public Art Committee is a proud partner of the North Georgia Community Foundation (NGCF) for the management of our charitable fund. To learn more about donating to the Vision 2030 Public Art Fund at NGCF, call 770-535-7880. For questions about public art in Gainesville-Hall County, call Vision 2030 at 770-532-6206.