Public Art

Every great community has great art. 

There is a commitment to build on the region’s love of all forms of art, and there is public art displayed in accessible and visual areas across our community.



Vision 2030 Public Art Report 

Monday, October 28, 2019

5:00 pm

Hunt Tower, Downtown Gainesville

Cocktails and Appetizers 

As an ongoing effort to bring awareness of public art to the citizens of Gainesville-Hall County, the Vision 2030 Public ArtCommittee introduces a public art adventure!

Vision 2030 Public Art’s Brenau Urban Rural Discovery Secrets or 2030 BURDS can be “discovered” throughout our vast community. We invite community members, and visitors alike, to be aware and let us know when and where you find one of these distinctive creatures. In fact, post your discoveries on social media to #2030BURDS.

Purchase your own 2030 BURD for $100 and one BURD will be placed in the community. BURDS may be purchased at the Greater Hall Chamber or the Norton Agency


Our Vision


Gainesville-Hall County is an art mecca with unique public art districts across the county. This includes Downtown Gainesville for performing and visual arts, Lake Lanier for music, Chicopee Woods for outdoor art and Gillsville/ Lula for cultural arts, folk art and pottery. Gainesville-Hall County has a multitude of venues to support performing arts including outdoor amphitheaters.  There is a commitment to build on the region’s love of all forms of art, and there is public art displayed in accessible and visual areas across our community.

Great communities have great art. 

The Vision 2030 Public Art Committee was formed to create opportunities for artists in conjunction with the growth of the community.   

What we’ve accomplished since May 2009:

• Created inventory, map and walking tours of existing Public Art      

• Installed 172 NEW public art works since January 2013 (started with 75)      

• Raised funding for public art works through the private contributions of individuals and businesses      

•  Connecting artists with opportunity, the PAC has an investment of $916,000 in value      

• Partnered with other public and private entities: Gainesville Connection, Gainesville Parks and Recreation, Hall County Government, City of Gainesville, Quinlan Visual Arts Center, The Arts Council, Brenau University, Lake Lanier Olympic Venue       

• Launched a NEW public art awareness/spring fundraising initiative: block pARTy, with the inaugural event in May 2018 raising $15,000 for the purchase of new public art. 

• Created NEW (and ongoing) art programs such as:

Free Range Art Project


BURDS (Brenau Urban Rural Discoveries)

Bird Bike Racks

Play Me Now piano

Protective Angels with pricing for the general public to underwrite the implementation of “public art à la carte”


And we are only gaining momentum. Our goal? Public Art Everywhere.

Our initiatives depend upon grants, private donations, community support and corporate donations to conserve, preserve and make available public art to citizens and visitors in Hall County. 

The Public Art Committee is a proud partner of the North Georgia Community Foundation (NGCF) for the management of our charitable fund. To learn more about donating to the Vision 2030 Public Art Fund at NGCF, or call 770-535-7880. 

Public Art


Frank Norton, Jr., Chair

Steering Committee:

Leigh-Anne O’Brien

Allyson Everett

Julie Butler

Whitney Brown

Katie Crumley

Adam Strong

Tina Carlson

Joey Summer

Emilie Cisco 

Regina Dyer

Dedicated Listeners: 

Richard Oates

Nancy Mooney

Amanda Shelnutt

Angela Sheppard

Claudia Wilburn 

Gladys Wyant

Jack Burd

LeTrell Simpson

Carrie Woodcock
Christie Gregory
Clayton Santiago
Deloras Diaz
Jane Hemmer
Jeff Pierce
Jessica Tullar
Jim Chapman
Jim Mathis
Karron Denaple
Louis Hokayem
Mark Alexander
Meg Nivens
Michelle Sanchez
Nicole Rawlings
Pam Hilton
Robert Murillo
Sandra Bailey
Regina Dyer
Becky Ruffner
AJ Reynolds
Margaret Gaines
Colleen Leach
Michele Piucci
Maggie Griffin
Beth Weikel
Bill Roper
Mary Frances Clark
Ashley Bates
Fox Gradin
Mary Frances Hull