Gainesville, Hall County, GA

The Big Ideas

The following BIG IDEAS are the strategic action steps for creating the Vision for the year 2030: 

Downtown Development

Downtown Gainesville is a thriving live, work, and play area for families and tourists alike.  Improving access to the downtown area from surrounding neighborhoods has allowed new business to take advantage of infill and redevelopment opportunities including a new hotel and conference center.    

Wellness and Healthcare Access

Gainesville-Hall County is a model for providing high-quality, affordable healthcare to its residents. The healthcare community has deployed technology that connects providers accross the region and allows clinical data exchange.  We strive to create a culture of wellness among our residents and our community.

Major Healthcare Center

Healthcare is a major industry and economic engine for Gainesville- Hall County.  Gainesville-Hall County is a destination for the delivery of high-quality innovative healthcare, healthcare education, employment, life-science industry and the medical industry as a whole.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Gainesville - Hall County diversity and inclusion initiative is a national model for integration of residents of all cultures into the life of the community through a multitude of educational, informational, citizenship, and English-language programs.  This initiative connects the community and its residents across racial, ethnic and other differences and provides opportunities for leadership development, networking, employment and programs of inclusion.


Life-Long Learning

Gainesville- Hall County embraces a culture of learning throughout life.  This culture encourages educational and development opportunities for our youth, adult and senior residents.  All students have taken some class from a post-secondary institution.  There are formal and informal education programs for adult and senior in our higher education institutions.  Educational opportunities include career advancement/ development and life style enrichment.

Tourism and Recreation Destination

Gainesville- Hall County is a regional and international tourism and recreation destination and the community has resources such as a state-of-the-art regional visitors' center near Interstate 985, and recreational/ athletic centers, that makes Gainesville- Hall County the necessary first stopfor tourists looking to explore Lake Lanier and the North Georiga Mountains.  Our tourism and recreational investments have embraced our community commitment to wellness, greenspace and public art.

Lake Lanier Olympic Park

Lake Lanier Olympic Park is a central destination for serious and recreational sports enthusiasts and are an economic engine for the community.  The Park is integrated into the community's wellness and commitment to quality of life intiatives.  The Lake Lanier Olympic Park is host to national and international sporting events including triathlons, canoe/ kayak, rowing and other water sports.  The Park is recognized regionally for the natural beauty and value they provide our residents.

“Harbor Town” Mixed Use Community

There is a major mixed-use community on Lake Lanier, with restaurants, an amphitheater and commercial, retail and residential space. The community is a tourist attraction and considered a model for the creative blending of residential and commercial development.

Green Space Initiative

Gainesville-Hall County has the greatest amount of protected green space (parks, recreation areas and privately owned open land) of any urban county in Georgia. Elachee Nature Science Center in Chicopee Woods, Smithgall Woodland Garden and Don Carter State Park are key anchors of the green space effort. A highlight of the green space initiative is a network of pathways connecting North Hall, Gainesville & South Hall.

Gainesville- Hall County is an Art Mecca

There are unique public art districts across Gainesville- Hall County.  This includes Downtown Gainesville for performing and visual arts, Lake Lanier for music, Chicopee Woods for outdoor art and Gillsville/ Lula for cultural arts, folk art and pottery.  Gainesville- Hall County has a multitude of venues to support performing arts including outdoor amphitheaters.  There is a commitment to build on the region's love of all forms of art, and there is public art displayed in accessible and visual areas across our community.

Community of Towns

Future development (Cities of Gainesville, Oakwood, Flowery Branch, Lula, Clermont, Gillsville, Braselton and Buford) preserves the traditional scale of Gainesville-Hall County buildings, streets and public spaces and encourages connectedness among residents, workers & visitors.

Local and Regional Transportation Connects the Community

There are highway bypasses around Gainesville, and traffic on downtown's Green Street has lessened, protecting the historical significance and visual beauty of the corridor.  Residents have easy and quick access to Athens and the University of Georgia, Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Emory University and Gerogia Tech through commuter rail or other public forms of transportation.  There is a connection of walking and bike trails that support and encourage an active lifestyle and pedestrian activity.

Post Office Re-located

The Post Office has been relocated to Midtown Gainesville and the historic Green Street area has become a greater community asset.