Gainesville, Hall County, GA

Diversity & Inclusion

Leadership:  Enrique Montiel, BI Merial Select, Inc

Our Vision: The Gainesville - Hall County diversity and inclusion initiative is a national model for integration of residents of all cultures into the life of the community through a multitude of educational, informational, citizenship, and English-language programs.  The initiative connects the community and its residents across racial, ethnic and other differences and provides opportunities for leadership development, networking, employment and programs of inclusion.

The VISION 2030 Board of Directors recently met with the Diversity Committee to discuss the program.  Maritza Soto-Keen and Carolina Darbisi of the University of Georgia's Fanning Institute spent the afternoon with the group discussing Hall County and the ever-changing needs of our community as we relate to our diverse population.  The Fanning Institute engaged the participants in several activities that measured the cultural competency of the group. 

Please download and review the Vision 2030 "Building the Best Workforce for Hall County"- The Impact of Past, Present & Future Demographics

Our community includes some wonderfully diverse people! You can be introduced to a few through the Abernathy Cochran's Faces of Hall