Gainesville, Hall County, GA

Community Visit

The VISION 2030 Board of Directors along with Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce officials, business and government leaders recently traveled to Cary, North Carolina for a unique opportunity to visit the dynamic community and learn of their visionary programs and initiatives. Cary, “the Technology Town of North Carolina,” is a thriving community between Raleigh and Research Triangle Park.

The town is repeatedly ranked among the top in the country to live, work, find a home, start a business or retire. Over two-thirds of adults hold a college degree and nearly 9 in 10 citizens have Internet access. The people in Cary believe an involved citizenry is the hallmark of a strong community and an effective government.

The VISION 2030 team
was inspired and impressed by the town’s public arts programs, sidewalk campaigns, Area Transit Authority, sports facilities and consolidated school board and government cooperation.

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Community Snapshots from Town of Cary, N.C.