Gainesville, Hall County, GA
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About Vision 2030

The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce VISION 2030 program was initiated in 2005 when program coordinators listened to over 1,000 Gainesville-Hall County citizens describe the community they’d like to live, work, and raise families in with a “common vision.” Throughout the course of this extraordinary meeting of minds, community leaders came together to learn of “community visioning” and voted overwhelmingly to forge a solid and clear-sighted blueprint for success for Gainesville-Hall County.

The result of this meeting was a set of long-term goals that are now in place: The Big Ideas, or the action steps of where these community members envisioned their community to be in 2030.

Today, Vision 2030 is a coordinated group of volunteers leading long-term initiatives, defined by the citizens, to position Gainesville-Hall County as the most enviable community in Georgia by the year 2030. Acting as change agents, the group champions these initiatives and propels them forward through collaborative partnerships with government, education, business, and non-profits.

VISION 2030 focuses on the creation of a culture of community wellness, the support and maintenance of lifelong learning, the building of an economy around emerging life sciences, the encouragement of innovative growth/infrastructure development and the promotion of cultural integration. This project ensures the progression and life span of a thriving county.